Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Internet a curse.

   Earlier, advance technology and particularly the use of internet were considered blessing in the field of education but present scenario has proved it a curse. These things are going to be equally dangerous for the society. We can’t allow our children to use internet without vigilance. Now parents as well as educational institutes have great responsibility to nurture
Present generation with moral education, otherwise, in the years coming, we will have a sinful, corrupt and unsafe society around us. Mockery of the time is that still all the responsible agencies are not serious about moral education.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poetical misconceptions


Dr. Muhammad Asadullah
Once my lecturer, Mr. Khadakkar, now he is no more in this world, told me ,” Every day you have five times “Azan” in mosques in loud speaker ,whether God can’t listen this  prayer in slow voice ?He referred Sant Kabeer’s ,  famous Doha (Couplet) saying :
Kankad  pathad jo kar Masjid laye banay ,
Ta chadi Mulla bang dai Bahra,bhaya Khuday
(Means: By assembling stones and sand, you have erected mosque, and early in the morning you give “Azan “(Islamic call for prayer), whether God is deaf?)
I clarified to him that though Sant Kabeer was a great poet and saint but either he had used a particular figure of speech in this couplet. He has given the reason for a particular occurrence which is not its real reason, or he is unaware of it.

The Azan in our mosques is given only for calling Muslim to perform Namaz which is the real prayer. My teacher surprise to know this fact then he asked me to translate the words of Azan in Marathi.

I discussed several people during yester years, and found them confused about these things.   This is amazing that we live in a country where a number of religions are in practice but we have very limited knowledge of other religion and even we don’t know basic things about our own religion.

Poetical misconceptions are also surprising in our literature which may be the result of poet’s unawareness or he deliberately projects something wrong. Nida Fazli, a modern Urdu poet well-known for his tender thoughts and unique style had also been in controversy for many issues. Besides other forms of literature he had expressed his views in the form of Doha in Urdu which is actually came from Hindi literature. One of his Urdu Doha Nida says:
Bachcha bola dekh ke Masjid aalishan
Ek Khuda ke waste Itna bada makan
A child was astonished to see a splendid mosque, he said, How surprising that for a single God this huge home is constructed.

Perhaps poet has expressed these words by a child so that people may not accuse him to criticize on a holy place. It also indicates that there is tendency to spend a lot of money on decorating religious places. But the wrong massage goes from this couplet is that mosque is the house of God, which is indeed true but at the same time it is a place of worship where people  assemble five times to perform Namaz ,an important prayer in Islam. The size of a mosque may be depending on the Muslim population of that area. The people unaware of this fact may be misguided by these lines which is merely a poetic allegation.

The grandeur of holy places always fascinated me  as it   create the sense of  greatness of God ,but at the same time I feel that despite of spending lavishly on extraordinary decoration ,it is necessary to spend some money to establish a library attached to mosque in which religious literature and the explainer to holy book must be available so that people must understand their religion correctly .Most of the people in the world are unaware of the true spirit of their religion .In our country  also a number of superstitions are in practice in the name of holy faith. When I enquire such type of mosques in our city only two or three places are there like this. I hope education will create awareness among new generation about the need to acquire true spirit of religion despite of adopting rituals to follow religion.    


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid: A festival of delight and harmony

Eid: A festival of delight and harmony

Tauseef Ahmed

 Eid is a festival celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm. There are two occasions of Eid, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Former followed by the month of Ramadhan, which is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. This holy month is associated with fast.

Every religion has its own ways of rituals. Fast is the most common practice among different religions. It is called Wrath in Sanskrit, Upwas in Hindi, Saum in Arabic and Roza in Urdu. Another important feature of Ramazan is that the Holy Quran was revealed on heaven in this month. That is why this book is commonly read among Muslims during this month and also recited in Qayam-ul-Lail, which is known by the name of Taravih. Besides fasts, recitation of Holy book, remembrance of Allah, Muslims perform charity and for all these sort of prayers they got an occasion of merry making which is called Eid.

On the particular day of Eid, Muslims go to Eidgah, an open ground outside the township or in big cities they perform Namaz of Eid in mosques. But before going to Eidgah they have to distribute Fitra.

This is a sort of charity given to poor people in the shape of grain or money so that they may also enjoy the happiness of Eid. For every member of the family either children or elders, Fitra is given. Its quantity is near about two and half kg wheat or its equal amount. Since Fitra is distributed during this occasion, this festival is called as Eid-ul-Fitr.

People perform Namaz and then greet to each other, visit each other’s houses and have a sweet dish specially prepared for this occasion called Sheer Khurma. Eid is a special occasion to celebrate with family, friends and neighbors. The festival also provides an opportunity to make everybody close to us. After Eid, the programmes of Eid-Milan are organized by Muslims to invite the people of different communities so it becomes a medium of social harmony and peace.

This festival greatly appeals to children because like their elders they have new clothes, shoes and moreover the got money in the form of Eidee from their elders whom they greet the Salam of Eid.

Different Muslim countries have various traditions with a slight difference the most remarkable characteristic of Indian Eid is its warm and affection created among people. After Namaz-e-Eid Muslims embrace their brethren and greet Eid Mubarak and invite them to their homes for having Sheer Khurma.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Note On Mother.

A Note On Mother.
Muhammad Asadullah

A couple of days ago Sunita, a school going girl, in my neighborhood requested me to write an essay for her. She wanted to participate in an essay competition organized in her school.

I asked her “what the topic was.” “The Mother”, she replied.
Suddenly, I felt as someone had reopened my old wound, the filling of an irreparable loss because the deprivation of mothers love always made me uneasy.

I had tried myself to forget it, and I had thought that I had succeeded in my attempt there were times when I came to the conclusion that nothing can replace the mother, so I told the girl: child why don’t you try it yourself?, I think you can write better than me on this subject because You have experienced mother’s affection. It is not so with me .It is a great deficiency in my life; I had lost my mother in my childhood and deprived of her love.

The girl repeated me to write. Perhaps it was beyond her capacity to write an essay, though she knew well what a mother was. This reminds me a comment made by a critic of literature. He wrote that though he did not give eggs but he prepare an omelet .So without experiencing mothers love one can write an article on the subject.

I realized this fact by another way also I think a person who has not experienced mother’s love and affection can understand what is mother’s love better than those whose mothers are alive because we always have insight of things when we lose them .

Many times existence of an object becomes an obstacle to see it thoroughly .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ek Sher Aur Ek Tasveer

Jheelon ke aas pas the

khaime sukoot ke 

hanga mae hayat to

aabe rawan mein tha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Safar Hai Shart.......Tasveer bolti hai

           Safar Hai Shart,

                       Musafir Nawaz Bohtere 

           Hazarha Shajare Sayadar

                        Rah Mein Hain 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

शाहिद कबीर: Shahid kabir

शाहिद कबीर: Shahid kabir

Be Rukhi Se Kuch To Andaza Laga

Dhal Chuka Hai Husn Ab Ghaza laga

Woh Apne Taur Par Deta Raha Saza Mujh Ko 

Hazar Bar Likha Aur Mita Diya Mujh Ko

Shahid Kabir